Joel News International is a weekly e-zine / journalistic newsletter that offers a high-quality selection of the most inspiring stories on the advance of God’s Kingdom around the world.

These empowering life and community transformation stories lead towards positive change and the engagement with people in need.

Joel News International serves thousands of Christians in over 100 nations with editions in English and German. The publication was launched in 1997 and has since become a widely recognized and trusted resource. It is published by Joel Ministries, a registered non-profit organization based in The Netherlands.


As an introduction to our publication, we offer you these recent complimentary editions:

JNI 1067 – Iran: The country where Christianity is growing fastest
JNI 1073 – South Korea: Why does this nation send out so many missionaries?
JNI 1074 – USA: This church lets 225 homeless sleep on the pews
JNI 1089 – West Africa: A house key in a fish’s belly
JNI 1098 – Guatemala: Christian mayor works to transform her town
JNI 1100 – Indonesia: How a pilot rescued his passengers from a tsunami
JNI 1103 – Global: Business as mission
JNI 1112 – Global: Is the world getting better, worse or staying the same?
JNI 1117 – USA: How day and night prayer impacts a community
JNI 1120 – Israel: When they killed Jonathan near Nazareth

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